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Unlock The Secrets To Stillwater Fly Fishing

  • Stillwater entomology
  • Stillwater techniques
  • Learn to read a lake
  • Proven fly patterns
  • Casting instruction
  • Fly presentation
  • And more

              Learn How And When To Fish    
              Chironomids  |  Leeches  |  Damselfly Nymphs  |  Dragonfly Nymphs  |  Scuds  |  Waterboatman & Backswimmers |  And More!

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              • "Mike: Thank you for a great course. I learned a lot. You are an excellent teacher and the clinic covered everything I needed to know. I especially appreciated the fact that ..."
                Kristen Andersen
              • "I just had a beginners lesson a few days ago and am addicted! Mike is an excellent teacher and very reassuring when you don't get something right away. By the end of the course ..."
                Shauna Howe

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