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Casting Lessons

  1. Do you offer casting lessons?

    AlbertaStillwaters.Com has been offering casting lessons since 2011.

  2. Do you teach fly casting to kids and adults?

    We teach kids 10 yrs of age and older or adults of all ages.

  3. What do you charge for casting lessons?

    Our casting lessons start at $50.00 per hour.

  4. Do you offer the use of rods and reels for casting lessons?

    We'll supply rods and reels for any casting lessons or you can bring your own.

  5. What days are the casting lessons available?

    Our lessons are available Monday to Thurday depending on availability.

  6. Do I need a fishing license to take casting lessons?

    Our casting lessons take place at Lake Hudson in north Edmonton, no hooks are used and there are no game fish in this pond.  Therefore you will not need a fishing license to take our casting lessons.

  7. Can I pay by personal cheque?

    You can pay by personal cheque only if the cheque is certified by your bank.  Other methods of payments accepted are cash, money orders or bank draft and all payments will be collected before the start of your lessons.

  8. What do I need to bring for a casting lesson?

    You'll want to bring sun glasses, bug repelent, a hat, warm clothing and rain gear.  We can supply everything else.

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Fly Fishing Clinics

  1. How much do you charge for your stillwater clincs?

    Our stillwater clinics start at $300.00 per day.

  2. Can you do single person clinics?

    We specialize in one-on-one clinics with a maximum of two persons per clinic so we can give you the special attention you deserve.

  3. Are casting lessons available with your clinics?

    Yes, all clinics include casting lessons and we'll spend as much time on this as necessary to get you casting controlled 30ft casts.

  4. What days are available to book a fly fishing clinic?

    Our stillwater clinics are available Saturdays and Sundays.

  5. What equipment do I need to bring to a clinic?

    All you'll need is waders, wading boots, sunglasses, a hat, warm clothing and rain wear.

  6. Do you offer half day clinics?

    No, our clinics run a minimum of 8 hours.  We do have have 1/2 day guided trips however.

  7. Can I pay by personal cheque?

    You can send a personal cheque for your 50% deposit but final payment must be either a certified cheque, bank draft, money order or cash.  Please do not send cash for you deposit.

  8. Do I need a fishing license to take the fly fishing clinic?

    Yes.  You will need to purchase an Alberta Sport Fishing License.

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Guided Trips

  1. What is the difference between a guided trip and a clinic?

    A guided trip can include some teaching but are meant to get you quickly on the water and catching fish.  Guided trips are offered as 1/2 day or full day.

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